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Some interesting cat facts. One thing to note: if your pet (cat or dog) ingests marijuana (yes, it could happen), please be sure to tell your DVM...that's the only way they can effectively help your pet.

Facts You Didn't Know About Cats -- Please DO NOT give your cat pot to chew on. I have no idea if they truly like to chew marijuana leaves, but I do know that if those marijuana leaves are ingested, it can KILL your cat!

Interesting cat facts. Most of them are legit. Not sure about all of them.

Funny pictures about Interesting cat facts. Oh, and cool pics about Interesting cat facts. Also, Interesting cat facts.

I think the toy story one isnt allowed in the park anymore

Kinda have to try that vending machine trick. And if I ever get to disney, I am totally doing that if I see a Toy Story character. Various Life Hacks.

Jajajaja ones you dislike someone... Mephobia hahhaha @danielabenavides

That red head fact isn't true I'm a read head and I'm 12 so I will be one of the only redheads left and my children will be red heads because red hair is a strong gene

random facts...@Anna Totten Totten Totten Totten Totten Stopa the mermaid one...why did we fall for that...

For Nemo. I think I should watch more scary movies ;) And, if you had actually watched the Fast and Furious movie you would know they obviously had to make a

chocolate recipe : 1/2 cup coconut oil, 3-4tbs cacao powder, 1-2tbs honey. melt over low heat. pour in moulds with dried fruit, coconut, nuts or whatever :) glace cherries! mmmm :) Choc Hazel Bliss Balls - Natural New Age Mum

Choc Hazel Bliss Balls - Natural New Age Mum 1 cup pitted dates 2 tablespoons Crio Bru (I used the new flavour, Maracaibo) 2 tablespoons organic raw cacao powder 2 teaspoons Heilala Vanilla Bean paste (secret ingredient) 1 cup hazelnuts, skin removed