Serves 1 Ingredients: 1 tsp YIAH Valencian paella couscous blend Handful of Baby spinach leaves 5 - 6 Cherry tomatoes, halved cup couscous,.


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Moroccan OMG Fig n Apple Couscous - Your Inspiration at Home - Recipes

Moroccan Couscous. . .    This blend works beautifully when mixed with cooked lentils, chickpeas or fresh vegetables. Serve Moroccan flavoured couscous with a tajined lamb, beef, chick or fish cooked with our Marrakesh Bazaar Moroccan Seasoning.

The mouth-watering taste of slow-roasted onions in an easy-to-use, versatile blend. Simple add this dip mix to make your meat balls, hamburgers or rissoles gourmet! Connect with an AYRFCI Fundraising Partner for More Info.