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This is true.. There are more than millions of kids getting abused.. What if that was you? Getting beat every night, have scars, not having a normal kids life.. Think before you exit anything

If you see or hear signs or symptoms of child abuse report it right away. Approximately 5 children die everyday form abuse. You never know if it will be too late. Do the right thing and stand up for these helpless victims.

Look at Roman.

What has Thomas done to Patton,Logan,Virgil,and Romen to make the Fanders take them?

Virgil you little cutie pie

Virgil you little shit >> This reminds me of Gollum. Come to think of it, Virgil would probably be one hell of a Gollum.>>this reminds me of L tho lol, you go my anxious boy!

zhe-lazy-fox: I have no explanation, but the... - Thomas Sanders

zhe-lazy-fox: “ I have no explanation, but the fact that Thomas mentioned that he loves Voltron wich made me think… which lion would the Sides and Thomas pilot?

DarkMagic-SweetHeart —   Decided it might be cool to make a bigger post...

darkmagic-sweetheart: “ Decided it might be cool to make a bigger post with the sketch, finished, and flipped version of the picture I did. Again this is my first ever Thomas Sanders fanart and I.

septicpie apostle • this ship is a blessing so is @thatsthat24

WTF I'm a creepypasta that ships these types of things yet I never ship the creeps in my own fandom wtf