Deap Vally

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The Villas - Burgers

Another hot Australian day, another day on the rock!

The Villas - Compliments And Complaints

Another hot Australian day, another day on the rock! Compliments And Complaints

Ladder of Gloom

There is definitely nothing gloomy about summer time rock climbing!

Monkey Bars

There is nothing quite like Rock climbing on a beautiful Australian day.

Thai Gecko

Another shot from my first trip to Thailand. We found this super-small gecko hanging out downstairs at our house by the beach. Seen here with a 5 cent piece (AUD)

Clear waters of Thailand

I took this whilst standing on a jetty looking down into the water at Khao Sok. The water is so crystal clear that a photo like this is possible!

Polar Bear Club - The Factory Theatre

Polar Bears, The Factory, Theatres, Factories

La Tour Eiffel

A beautiful structure that surpassed all my expectations

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