Summer Slacklining

Sunshine, camping, beach and slacklining! A good end to the year

Thai Gecko

Another shot from my first trip to Thailand. We found this super-small gecko hanging out downstairs at our house by the beach. Seen here with a 5 cent piece (AUD)

Clear waters of Thailand

I took this whilst standing on a jetty looking down into the water at Khao Sok. The water is so crystal clear that a photo like this is possible!

La Tour Eiffel

A beautiful structure that surpassed all my expectations

Sydney Summer

With the sun out and the temperature up Sydney-siders flock to the coast on the weekend to enjoy the refreshing ocean water.

Sunset in Ho Chi Minh City

As the sun was setting in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam this lady was walking ahead of me amonst the wave of scooters always present and she turned her head to look my way for just a split second. This is that split second

Edge of our world

I'll forever be amazed by the view from the window of a long flight