Mary Berry's Victoria sponge cake from Great British Bake Off

Mary’s Victoria sandwich

For the final technical challenge Mary Berry asked the bakers to make this simple sponge with homemade jam and buttercream – without a recipe. For this recipe you will need two sandwich tins, an electric mixer and piping bag fitted with plain nozzle.

REHEARSAL/BOAT - can be made up to a week in advance (probably...we'll have to test-bake) - easy to transport & serve

Kit Kat Fudge

Step up your party dessert table with this recipe for crunchy + sweet Kit Kat Fudge, made with chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk and crushed candy bars.


Easy Milo Balls - Conventional Method

These super easy MILO MALTED MILK BALLS are sure to be a hit with the littlest people in your home! Just 4 ingredients and 10 minutes prep time?re just so simple! Made from plain biscuits, con (Minutes Cake)

Quick and Easy Mars Bar Slice - Mum's Pantry

This Mars Bar slice is so tasty and great for parties and functions. You'll be the hit of the party and perfect when you're time poor!

Donna Hay Vanilla Custard Slice Recipe - use this pastry technique instead of Graham crackers in Boston cream pie?

Donna Hay's Vanilla Custard Slice

vanilla custard slice Note: really takes hours to set fully. Used vanilla, milk and icing sugar icing. I Used a smaller pan to increase custard depth

Chocolate And Raspberry Marshmallow Slice1 | Donna Hay

Chocolate Raspberry Marshmallow Slice - Billowing folds of marshmallow rest between a crumbly biscuit base, raspberry jam and a smooth chocolate top.

Butterscotch Self Saucing Pudding.

Easy Butterscotch Self Saucing Pudding - Conventional Method

The best BUTTERSCOTCH SELF SAUCING PUDDING ever! This really is the perfect winter dessert. it's quick, easy and tastes great! Plus it's budget-friendly. Talk about a winner with the whole family!