I have been making my own washing powder for a while now and have played around with this recipe a few times. I have added the Epsom salts, which I love. It makes my clothes feel softer, but again...

Washing Powder (no borax) With Added Fabric Softener

Washing Powder (no borax) with added fabric softener (I use this recipe. Do it in half lots & add of borax IN Each Half lot) -KERRY

Relaxing Body Wash {Thermomix}

Relaxing handbody wash 1 x Scented Bar Soap (or any scent you like) cubed. 2 ltrs boiling water (you may need an extra litre) Epsom Salts Coconut Oil

lemon dishwasher liquid

Lemon Dishwasher Liquid you can make with your Thermomix.