I want this mosaic on a walkway through my garden! So wish I could have bees ....

Bee mosaic, one of several lovely stone mosaics in Gresgarth Hall Gardens, "the country home of Arabella Lennox-Boyd in north Lancashire, England." Click through to see more mosaics and garden shots.

Blue-banded bee. These pretty native bees are important pollinators for Australian crops.

Blue-banded bee (Amegilla cingulate) - These pretty native bees are important pollinators for Australian crops

The Blue-banded Bee (Amegilla cingulata) Who knew?!

'Buzz pollinators' Wildly cute Bluebanded bees hop in there and vibrate.

Blue-banded bees Australian native attracted to the colour blue.   Also great pollinators. You can make clay houses to attract them to your garden. I spotted one in my garden today (16/11/12) Mani.

Blue-banded Bee (Amegilla cingulata) Habitat: native to Australia but it is also found in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, East Timor and Malaysia

Good for native pollinators of various shapes and sizes.

Bee Hotel & Flower Seeds for Bees by Plant Theatre - Excellent Gift Idea

Blue-banded Bee (Amegilla cingulata), native to Australia and Papua New Guinea, bee that prefers to live solitary instead of in communal hives.

"This is the Blue-banded Bee (Amegilla cingulata), a very beautiful insect that is also amazingly important to the agriculture of Australia." -- Click through for photos of more blue-banded bees and to learn more of this very different critter.

Building a native bee hive

Australian Native Bee Hive NB:A small lip to prevent certain beetles entering.