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Shoot with Rinaca Cosplay and Surine Cosplay at Frederiksborg Castle near Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Marino Rocks beach by Andrey Moisseyev on 500px

Marino Rocks beach by Andrey Moisseyev on

Marino rocks

Marino rocks

Sunset over old Port Willunga Jetty | by Mykel46

Sunset over Port Willunga Jetty

Hina-puku-i’a is the Hawaiian Goddess of Seafood. Her husband, Ku’ula-kai, is a God of Fish, as is their son, Ai-ai. Her sister, Hina-puku’ai, is the Goddess of Vegetables. Hina-puku-i’a is one of the many forms of the Great Goddess Hina, and her name means “Hina gathering seafood.”

In ancient Roman mythology, Salacia was a Goddess of the Sea, worshiped as the Goddess of salt water who presided over the depths of the ocean. She was the wife and queen of Neptune, God of the sea and water.