Draft video for te Australian Museum for their Dreaming Stories. This is about Goorialla the Rainbow Serpent. The performers are my good friends and brothers: Gumaroy Newman, Eric Arthur Tamwoy (Turtle) and Norm Barsah.

An in depth video designed for school children to learn about what 'The Dreaming' is and what it means for the Indigenous Australian population.

Aboriginal Australian artist Lily Karadada ~ Wandjina, 2002

Wandjina, Lily Karadada, natural earth pigments on linen

"The Stolen Generation. Young Australian children taken from their families because they were mixed race. They called them Half-Caste, they were placed in orphanages some never to be returned to their families. This practice went on up until 1970."

Until young mixed-race Aboriginal Australian children -- called Half-Caste -- rised being taken from their families & placed in orphanages, some never to be returned to their families