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Quick and easy way to make your own DIY table easel with cardboard. Fun for kids doing art projects!

IDEA: get students standing up to paint/draw Painting/drawing BIG, painting/drawing against the wall. quick and easy way to make your own table easel with cardboard

Planet Flip Book FREEBIE! An interactive way to introduce the planets and their order from the sun.

This upcoming week in TK my son is learning about space. So I decided to do what any former elementary school teacher mom would do, and mak.

Moon Phases and meanings. www.theherbnerdpodcast.com to learn more about herbs!

Moon Phases and meanings. Fun spiritual practices Inspirational quotes self love self care hope spirit spiritual meditate Buddhism Buddhist yoga heal healing happy happiness

3 Unique Ways to Teach STEMists the Phases of the Moon

GLE Make observations of changes in the moon’s appearance over time. This activity describes the different phases of the moon. This activity can be used as homework to name the different phases of the moon each night during a whole month.

Teriyaki Chicken and Rice Casserole

This Teriyaki Chicken and Rice Casserole is delicious, filling and healthy with mixed vegetables, brown rice and a thick teriyaki sauce - just 321 calories!

Balsamic Green Beans and Mushrooms

Homemade Balsamic Garlic Roasted Green Beans and Mushrooms Recipe! This is a delicious twist to your classic green bean Thanksgiving recipe!

Movie Review Template for Kids

It’s time for a reality check… whether we accept it or not we’re all critics. Whether it be about the clothes we wear, the food we eat or the movies we watch we all have an opinio…