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Urine Therapy
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Regrow hair with urine therapy

A natural way of growing back hair and it is free, for many years people have known about the use of urine for health benefits and used this method for simul.

Urine therapy by injections

From the cutting room floor of Midstream Miracles information about urine injections,

Urine Therapy Casting Call

Urine Therapy Casting Call

Trip to India Urine Therapy

Talking about the filming for my trip in India

Urine Therapy up date!

Making a film about Urine Therapy next part of filming

Urine theapy book review

books on urine therapy incliding Harold W teitze, Coen van der Kroon, Martin J Lara.

Urine Therapy ( You're in good health)

A looking into Urine therapy with interviews with Coen Van Der Kroon, Martin J. Information about the World Conference on Urine Th.

Urine therapy in Japan

An update of what i have been doing with the film on Urine Therapy.with my visit to japan to meet and interview people

Drinking urine with propolis

Tips on how to start urine therapy, with the help of propolis tincture, the heath benefits in this combination

Urine Therapy is it a Placebo

THe Question comes up in many talks about the effectiveness of Urine or if it is just a Placebo effect ?

Urine Therapy accidental therapist ?

Urine Therapy accidental therapist ?

Urine Therapy Is it written in the Bible ?

some people say there is a secret hidden deep in the book of john. proverb :Drink water from your own cistern. : Running waters from your own well .

Urine Therapy  What is the correct amount to drink ?

let's explore a question often asked about Urine therapy, from my findings spoken about at World conferences and speaking to experts in this therapy