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Pan-fried Mexican chicken flautas

Let dinner roll in on a Mexican wave with these crispy, pan-fried tortilla rolls.

Banana and peanut butter smoothie

PEANUT BUTTER AND BANANA SMOOTHIE There are a lot of surprising smoothies that aid in loss, and this is one of them. I wouldn’t have believed that a peanut butter based smoothie could be all.

Smoothies for Losing Weight You can lose weight in a delicious and nutritious manner

Smoothie - 23 That Aid in Weight Loss 4 small ice cubes cup of low-fat vanilla frozen 1 shot of espresso 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder Add ingredients to blender in this order, then blend at a high speed until smooth.

8 Staple Smoothies That You Should Know How to Make

8 Staple Smoothies That You Should Know How to Make- The Clementine Smoothie is the best version I've ever tasted!