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Elmo and Cookie Monster Bum Pants - Our post contains a FREE Monster Bum Pants Pattern you can modify to create faces.

Elmo and Cookie Monster Bum Pants - FREE Monster Bum Pants Pattern idea for up-scaling sweat pants

Ruffled baby bloomers tutorial #baby

Bella Bama: Ruffle Bottom Bloomer w/FREE Pattern Link Ruffle butt diaper cover panty for baby.

Hungry Monster Laundry Bags. I like the idea of the towel rack/getting the laundry receptacle off the floor.

Hungry Monster Laundry Bags Ever wonder where those socks go? Well the hungry monster laundry bag eats them! Try this fun DIY craft, make a kid a laundry bag so they always keep tidy and clean. (Diy Gifts For Kids)

I like how it has the curve in the middle so that it sits nicely on the shoulder around the neck-A.M.

The perfect baby burp cloth pattern, and how to sew them production line style. / I made several of these for a baby shower and they turned out GREAT! Very easy and quick to make! I used flannel and terry cloth for mine.

Baby changing mat. Several different styles and options in the same pattern.

Baby Changing Mat Pattern - Two different options from the same pattern: satchel-style or clutch-style mat with pockets.

1 Pallet, 1 red light, some light digging, and a couple hands + awesomeness.

A pallet, red light, fake hands, and a little digging make for a very interesting Halloween yard decoration!

powdah's photo on Instagram "TIP: Here's an easy way to make veins using red cotton or wool. This technique has been around for many years but I've never seen anyone use it directly on skin. Pull some red wool apart so you see the individual fibres. Stick them down to your skin with prosaide or latex. Use a needle to adjust the shape while the glue is still wet. I made a quick infected zombie bite using this technique but you could use it anywhere."

Take red wool, pull apart to see individual fibers. Stick to your skin with prosaide or latex. Use a needle to adjust strings while glue is wet. (cotton ball for white area)

20 highly detailed pencil drawings by tattoo artist Dino Tomic

Dino Tomic, a talented Croatian tattoo artist in Norway, likes to create gripping realistic drawings when he’s not tattooing clients. His drawings, whether drawing upon horror and sci-fi elements or l

DIY Jewelry Organizer - a pretty place to display and organize jewellery Instead of having hooks on the wall, they are all inside the box.  like it!

You can make your own DIY jewelry holder in few easy steps at home. Get some ideas on how to make your own DIY jewelry organizer to display your lovely jewels in style.