Petits radis souris. Such a cute idea for kids!

Des souris en radis

Summer, flowers in the garden, soft breezeanything to make us want to eat outdoors. Today, I suggest a kids picnic basket to add a magical touch to the experience. A bit different than a typical evening at the restaurant!

Pineapple upside down cake

Pineapple Upside-down Cupcakes. My favorite cake. My Nana used to make the most delicious pineapple upside down cake!


Ladybug Appetizers

More anthropomorphic treats to eat! Ladybug Appetizers - Cherry tomato quarters form the wings and olives form the heads of these adorable little ladybugs. Perched on crunchy crackers spread with a seasoned cream cheese mixture.

Summer Foods.

Saw this Turtle Fruit basket, and had to SHARE! Using the Watermelon as a base, you can create the bowl to serve a Fruit salad in! The turtle was a pretty cute idea though, I must say! WAY TO USE THAT WATERMELON!

More summer activities

I now know precisely what special treat I’ll be making for my popsicle and rainbow-obsessed daughter this summer. Learn to make rainbow popsicles HERE at babble.

Taste a Rainbow

Taste the Rainbow cupcakes for St Patrick's Day. Cute and simple idea for a kids activity. White cake mix divided and colored then layered into a cupcake pan.


6 fairy princess recipes for little girls

British Columbia Kindergarten Math Fun treat for an authors' tea: Marshmallow teacups with a fruit loop handle. (Assemble ahead-of-time.


Yummy summer treats but awesome ideas for a water party as well! Wish I would have seen this at the beginning of the summer!

Love this blog!!! Children's books and activities.

Little Page Turners: Edible Insects PB & honey spider sandwich, a banana caterpillar, and a blackberry beetle pot of dirt

cooking pizza with kids

Kid-Friendly Vegetarian Recipes

Mini Deep-Dish Pizzas - Martha Stewart Recipes That muffin pan is not just for cupcakes. Make these mini deep-dish pizzas using homemade or store-bought dough and your favorite toppings.

Watermelon Sherbet Cups

Watermelon Sherbet Cups Limes Raspberry Sherbet Mini Chocolate Chips Cut limes in half and scoop out the inside. Fill with sherbet and top with chips. Freeze until ready to serve.

Cute cooking craft with the kids

BaNilla Sandwich Cookies

BaNilla Sandwich Cookies - "mini Nilla wafers + banana slices + peanut butter + sprinkles = Such a fun treat. except without the peanut butter. maybe add icing

Icecream for breakfast.

You don't make your kids grilled cheese look like an ice cream cone? You don't make your kids grilled cheese look like an ice cream cone? You don't make your kids grilled cheese look like an ice cream cone?


Snacks to Take Swimming at the Beach or Pool