Have courage and patience and God will help you in all things

Prayer for Deliverance Dear Lord, grant me, I beseech you, your divine helping grace. Endow me with patience and strength to endure my tr.

Try to keep God with us by charity of thought, word and act

Benediction Lord, support me all the day long of this troublous life, until the shadows lengthen and the evening comes, and the busy worl.

Have courage no matter what your crosses are

Prayer to Live this Day with God Dear Lord, I thank you for this day.

Let us be entirely God's

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God is our Father and He loves us in spite of all our faults

Dwell with Me Alone with none but thee, my God, I journey on my way. What need I fear, when thou art near O king of night and day?

God be praised, for indeed God's ways are wonderful

Augustine Look upon me, O Lord, and let all the darkness of my soul vanish before the beams of thy brightness. Fill me with.

True happiness here below depends on ourselves not on those around us

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Be patient and work generously in the service of our Divine Lord

A Prayer of Thanksgiving O God, who is near us always, I think you for all the good gifts with which you have filled my life;