Culinaire Commercial Kitchen Equipment

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Culinaire is a recognised and trusted brand in Australia and New Zealand for a range of Foodservice products. Find out more at


Culinaire Dishwasher Basket Lowerator CT.TLB

Culinaire Service Tray Lowerator CT.TLT

Culinaire Meal Plating Cord Conveyor CD.MP.2C

Culinaire Meal Plating Mobile Cord Conveyor CD.MP.M.2C

Culinaire Ambient A-Frame Gantry

Culinaire High Performance Glasswasher EVO40ST

Culinaire Meal Plating Refrigerated Cord Conveyor CD.MPR.2C.RC

Culinaire Tube Ambient Mobile Plate Dispensers CA.PD

Culinaire Heated Double Gantry with Heat Lamps

Culinaire Heated A-Frame Gantry

Culinaire Tube Heated Mobile Plate Dispensers CH.PD

Culinaire Ice Cream Freezer CR.ICU.SC.T1

Culinaire Chip Dump CH.CD

Culinaire Food Warming Drawers