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CCL Moore College

CCL Moore College

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Inkl: The Conversation - Not conservative, reactionary: The flawed case against same-sex marriage

Doctrine commission launches SSM report | News

The Doctrine commission of the Diocese of Sydney has launched its report on same-sex marriage in book form.

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A LABOR senator and marriage equality advocates have taken aim at Sydneys Anglican archbishop, describing as offensive his comments about the health risks of homosexuality.

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The Anglican Archbishop of Sydney Peter Jensen is asked which parts of the Bible are still relevant, after he used the Bible against gays.

Living with The Enemy is explosive TV

Living with the enemy: A gay atheist couple and a conservative Anglican priest cross over to each other's worlds

Gay marriage has supplanted and derailed public debate in Australia through affording conservative, self-interested people a cloak of progressivism at a crucial time in our national history.

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