Pulp Fiction

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Bill Crider's Pop Culture Magazine: PaperBack

Trollops & Nymphos

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The Country Club Set, Beacon Books, 1963
Killer Covers: Scandalizing the ’Burbs
Where There's Smoke by Michael Burgess


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The Best Of The Worst
Joan_Ellis - Temporary secretary / Midwood
Flight Hostess Rogers

Office Tramps

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Paul Rader, The Path Between by Jay Warren 1961.
PAUL RADER - The Easy Way by Dallas Mayo - 1964 Midwood Books #32-421


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Same woman in The Love Clinic
Beacon Softcover Library #B864X, 1965

Threesomes, Swingers & Orgies

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Sex A GoGo | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
North Beach Girl. Gold Medal s1000, 1960
Mad for Kicks - 10x17 Giclée Canvas Print of Vintage Pulp Paperback. $25.00, via Etsy.    i AM mad for kicks

Beatniks & Hipsters

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Berkley Books - One for the Money - Elliott Chaze

Go Getters

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She was a modern-day Mata Hari  … Paul Rader, 1965 (by swallace99)


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"I have an irresistible urge...for avocado toast! And I'm not a millenial!"
Ace Books - A Key To the Morgue / Odds Against Linda - Robert Martin


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Publisher: Avon (T-241); First edition. edition (January 1, 1958) ASIN: B0011E4CB2
Source:vintagemarlene tumblr page


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Unknown artist, Dumb As They Come by Mark Corrigan.
Go, HoneyLou


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Robert McGinnis: Revenge by Jack Ehrlich, 1958
Jealous - art by Ernest Chiriaka (1913 - 2010)
Not Pulp Covers


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Part of a month-long celebration  of artist Paul Rader’s work.     A Mania for Blondes , by Samuel A. Krasney (Ace, 1961). According to his ...
Candid Reader CA912 1967

Bad Men

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Nurses by the Book – The Amorous Adventures of a Very Male Nurse
Call Boy - 10x17 Giclée Canvas Print of a Vintage Pulp Paperback Cover

About Men

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Красотки на обложках. Часть 3. Подождите, я не одета.: karapuzow
Beacon Books B994 - Gil Hara - The Love Clinic


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Kiss My Assassin

Late 60s - Early 70s

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oldskull:  “(vía Charles Copeland, nostalgia pulp)  ”

World War 2

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Here is a couple who are clearly enjoying each other's company. This painting accompanied a magazine story titled "Kisses That Click". I would just be happy with some kisses that created a buzz.
Bernie Fuchs

Girls With Men

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I Absolutely LOVE that this is the cover of this magazine, but then one of the headlines is "The Crisis In Teenage Morals." SERIOUSLY?
20887940-Man's Story, September 1964

Man's Story

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Glen Orbik, magazine and book cover illustrator. Cover for pulp novel, "Choke Hold."
"Grave Descend" by Michael Crichton (writing as John Lange). Hard Case Crime/Titan Books. Artwork by Gregory Manchess.
Shooting Star by Robert Bloch (cover art by Arthur Suydam)

Hard Case Crime

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pinupgirlsart:  “ The Hot Chariot (by paul.malon)  ”
Girls in Trouble
Ernest Chiriaka painting as Darcy no data as yet

Artist - Various

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Adventures in Art – Robert Maguire | Battered, Tattered, Yellowed, & Creased
Robert Maguire art 'Violence in Velvet' (1956)
Robert Maguire | Flickr – Compartilhamento de fotos!

Artist - Robert Maguire

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Exit Dying  cover art by Robert McGinnis  1956
Robert McGinnis
Robert McGinnis Vintage Pulp Art Illustration | Female-Centric Pulp Art | Sugary.Sweet | #Pulp #Art #Illustration

Artist - Robert McGinnis - Blondes

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Tutt'Art@ | Pittura * Scultura * Poesia * Musica | : Robert McGinnis 1926 | American illustrator
Robert McGinnis, The Flesh Merchants
Robert McGinnis

Artist - Robert McGinnis - Brunette

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Robert McGinnis     American Panter and Illustrator   Tutt'Art
Robert McGinnis; 1964 - Olive Green
Robert McGinnis Vintage Pulp Art Illustration | Female-Centric Pulp Art | Sugary.Sweet | #Pulp #Art #Illustration

Artist - Robert McGinnis - Redheads

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