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a drawing of a man with an eyeball on his head in front of a blue wall
deuxtroistrucs on X
a white vase sitting on top of a wooden bench in front of a green wall
Positions by Isabelle Wenzel - IGNANT
Positions by Isabelle Wenzel |
a man dressed in silver with a snake on his arm and holding a yellow purse
you're horrible
you're horrible
a woman with her hands on her face and arms crossed in front of her body
Leigh Bowery Designs
a woman sitting in a pink chair that is shaped like an octopus with her legs spread out
Paul Harris
a woman's head is covered in skulls and balls
three people are standing in the middle of a room with paper cutouts on their faces
The Residents
two people standing next to each other in front of a building with newspaper coverings on their heads
New Dark Love Art Feelings Scary Ideas
a man in a suit and tie with a sheep on his head
w̶̶h̶̶y̶ ̶d̶̶o̶ ̶c̶̶h̶̶i̶̶l̶̶d̶̶r̶̶e̶̶n̶ ̶s̶̶t̶̶e̶̶a̶̶l̶
no reason
a man sitting on top of a couch next to a pink snake shaped sofa pillow
Elisa González nos presenta Drunk People Project - CROA MAGAZINE
a man wearing a top hat with red thread on his face and hair in the shape of a human head
Decorialab knitwear Studio foto
Looks like a modern-day Magritte....