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an arabic text with the image of a man's face in black and white
the words in arabic are written on a black background with white writing and an image of a
some red flowers in the middle of two pictures with arabic writing on them and an image of
an arabic text written in two languages, with the words'i am not sure what to
someone holding a leaf in their hand with the caption's written on it
Queen, Quran Quotes Love, Urdu Funny Quotes, Eid Poetry
a person sitting on a bench in front of a sky
an image with the words poetry lover written in arabic
a man and woman holding hands in front of some string lights with the words,
a piece of paper with the words truth written in arabic on it and an image of a
the silhouette of a person in front of a sunset with birds flying over it and an arabic quote
#zari writes🔥
a white monument with writing on it that reads beautiful lines one someone's tombstone
Khamosh Udasiyan!
Agar, Diary
an image of a man with glasses on his head and the words written in arabic
an old man is talking to two young boys in the living room, while they are playing
a person standing in the grass under a full moon with an arabic quote on it
a man standing on top of a pier next to the ocean with an arabic quote
an arabic text on a dark blue background with the words in two different languages,
an image of a man touching another person's hand with the caption in arabic
an arabic text on a black background with white writing in the middle and two different languages