7 Quality Areas.  explaining to families

As part of the Quality Improvement Plan, the team at Steel St have worked together to develop an attractive foyer which will be welcoming but also informative. simple and effective.

Mummy Musings and Mayhem: Working with the Framework Learning Outcomes - Part 1 LINKING

Working with the Framework Learning Outcomes - Part 1 LINKING

Can we have a little chat for a moment about linking the early years learning framework (ELYF) outcomes and your programming cycle? Because from what I can see this topic is causing educators an aw.

Self registration

A welcoming space for the children at Turvey Park. they find their rock & place it in the sand tray on arrival - image shared by Wagga Wagga Early Years Learning Centre (",) -- great idea for signing in!

downloadable resources

EYLF resources- link to developmental milestones and the eylf- useful doc to establish where children are at.


self portrait blocks .this would be an excellent way to display children's artwork on individual cubbies to show their self-expression through their own artwork