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a hand holding a pen over a piece of paper that has writing on it with the words lowercase, uppercase, uppercase and lowercase
My Handwriting | Lowercase & Uppercase (Cursive & Print)
a pen sitting on top of a page of writing
I finally got around to creating a handwriting tag... I figured it would be relevant here :)
a line drawing of a woman's face and hands
Skincare Routine Help
Blog post about skincare routines, what products I recommend you invest in, what is the most important part of your routine and education on what certain ingredients do.
a poster with different types of poetry
A Week-Long Poetry Unit
a dog laying on the floor next to a cup of tea and an open book
A Lesson in Poetry, 3-Part Series – Part 1: Meter
Learn how to use meter, rhyme, and other tools to boost your poetry writing skills!
the words how to start writing poetry written in front of an image of a quill
How to Start Writing Poetry
Dreams and Dandelions: How to Start Writing Poetry
words to use instead of very
the text is written in black and white
Worth a shot. I'm a messy student. I need lists and good advice.
the back to school supplies for law school are shown in this collage with text that reads must - have school supplies for law school
My Must-Have School Supplies for Law School
Highlighters, pens, Post-its- Oh My! Check out the must have Law School supplies from The Legal Duchess
various pens and markers are laid out on a white surface, including one in the middle
Organize and Study
confettiavenue: Stationery haul! ✏️ I was running low on highlighters so I figured buying another four packs plus neon fine liners and pens and sharpies was ok!