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35 Funny Pics for Your Friday

Break it and you can take $3 million in cash

Pshhh give me an address ill break it easily. I've seen Sherlock XD<---- i need chewing gum, a diamond, a fire extinguisher, and a can of spray paint

Smartass Australian Tourism Website-- @catherine gruntman Rogerson -I see where your sarcasm comes from. I'm impressed.

The people at the Australian Tourism website have an awesome sense of humor. Who knew? These are hilarious answers. I love the Aussies.

10 Reasons Summer In Australia Is Actually The Worst

This is so accurate. In one of my old cars, there was a metal wheel. It got up to like 49 degrees one day and I had to drive somewhere. Without thinking I touched the wheel and burnt all my hand. That ended up in a trip to the emergency room.

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