1979 Holden HT Sandman Panel Van, Big 5.0L V/8 engine and bucket seats. Featured: Power Steer, Aircond, Sports Instruments, Sports wheels,and carpeted rear interior.  Manufactured in Melbourne, Australia.

One vehicle epitomised the to Australians more than any other and that machine was Holden's Sandman.

Holden FJ Panel Van

1953 Australian Holden FJ panel van with original Royal Mail paint work.

A 1976 Holden Sandman with an interesting history and some debate ... informed and otherwise ... about just which model this van really is. Click on the link to read more.

A 1976 Holden Sandman. He when got it and sold it in 1982 just before first child arrived, not very child friendly.

Holden EH Panel Van

Holden EH Panel Van photos, picture # size: Holden EH Panel Van photos - one of the models of cars manufactured by Holden