Chicken & Cashews with Coconut Satay Sauce & Coconut Rice - our favourite all in one meal.

Quirky cooking: Chicken and Cashews with Coconut Satay Sauce and Coconut Rice. Marinade, coconut rice, steamed marinated chicken, steamed veggies (in 3 layers)

Making Butter in thermo. ALSO SEE OTHER PINTEREST RECIPE  Cream 1min +/- speed 5 butterfly Strain buttermilk Cup icywater,remove butterfly,rinse speed 1-2, 10-15 seconds Drain Add 1-2 tables oil, pinch salt, mix NObutterfly 30secs to 1 min speed 2-3

Quirky Cooking: Making Spreadable Butter in the Thermomix pure cream macadamia oil (or olive oil if you like the taste) filtered water sea salt/himalayan salt (opt.

Quirky Cooking: receipe for Raw Cacao Treat Balls

Quirky Cooking: Raw Cacao Treat Balls - raw almonds - dates - 30 - cacao powder (to taste) - a dash of agave syrup (to taste) - 3 large tablespoons of tahini

Homemade spicy chicken & vege sausage rolls with spelt rough puff pastry - perfect for Christmas parties!

Quirky Cooking: Spicy Chicken & Vege Sausage Rolls with Spelt Rough Puff Pastry. Could try this with other pastry and varying the filling.

Quirky Cooking: Chicken & Mushroom Risotto

Quirky Cooking: Chicken & Mushroom Risotto - add bacon and semi-dried tomatoes

Quirky Cooking: Search results for Protein balls made these this week all the family love them.

Walnut & Raw Cacao Nib Bliss Balls - Quirky Cooking - used cacao nibs, medjool dates instead of and macadamias instead of walnuts