Sheer silk curtains will sit perfectly along the back opening of Nelly and Warren's home, complimenting the view of their backyard. Hawthorn House /Chan Architecture

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Image 2 of 13 from gallery of Hawthorn House / Chan Architecture. Photograph by Folded Bird Photography – Brendan Finn

Allowing the sheer-linen curtains from [Unique Fabrics](|target="_blank") to pool on the floor adds a luxurious touch to the bedroom.

Gallery - Penny’s Fresh Edwardian House Renovation

Sheer-linen curtains form part of the timeless appeal of this three-bedroom Edwardian house

Soft lighting we could use in the new extension on the back wall....Not spot lights.....soft lighting

This lobby looks amazing. The sheer metallic drapery goes perfectly with this commercial look. Shades Creation does a fabulous job with mesh and metallic draperies!

Linen Look Sheer Curtain Fabric -as seen on the Block -Southport

Linen Look Sheer Curtain Fabric -as seen on the Block -Southport

RH's Open Weave Sheer Linen Drapery - Charcoal:Tailored from loosely woven linen made from the world's finest flax, our sheer drapery welcomes light while offering rich textural interest.

The Block Shop | Kyal and Kara | Fans vs Faves

Buy Dining Tables online as seen on The Block. The Block Shop has a range of quality dining tables you can keep forever.

Bec Marks The Spot .. Alisa and Lysandra's living room

Picture: Alisa and Lysandra's lounge and living areas. PS: What’s your favourite room in your apartment? Lysandra: I don’t have a favourite room

floating cupboard in bedroom, sheer floor to ceiling sheer curtains

Hampton Penthouse is a luxurious residence designed in 2016 by Melbourne-based We Are Huntly Studio. Glamorous coastal home