Viola banksii

Until recently the commonly grown native violet was referred to as Viola hederacea cute for fairy gardens

Banksia cuneata

Matchstick Banksia: Banksia cuneata - From a restricted area in south Western Australia (central Wheatbelt).

Hibbertia scandens

Snake Vine (Hibernia scandens) is a vigorous, hardy native ground cover that forms dense mats of foliage. It is located in coastal dune regions & moist forests in N.W & Queensland.

Chorizema cordatum

Chorizema cordatum another one of my favourites. This plant can come as a climber or a shrub. The flowers are just as bright in real life and flowers for approx 5 months a year.

Chamelaucium uncinatum

Waxflower Chamelaucium uncinatum-- Australian plant, full sun to light shade up to 6 feet. In front of new hedge?

Boronia megastigma

Common Name: Brown boronia Derivation of Name: Boronia.after Fransesco Borone, an century Italian botanist.having a large stigm

Anigozanthos manglesii

Anigozanthos manglesii Family: Haemodoraceae Common Name: Red and green kangaroo paw.