Easy Coconut Ice recipe - Just 3 ingredients to make this delicious treat - homemade gift idea from Eats Amazing UK

This 3 ingredient no-cook coconut ice recipe couldn't be easier to make! It takes just 5 minutes to prepare this great homemade gift idea!

Kurma, barfi, etc. from a Divali celebration

Kurma, Gulab Jamoon, Laddoo& Coconut Barfi- Indian Sweets for Divali & Puja in Trinidad and Tobago

Here you will find very easy coconut peda recipe under 10 minutes. These restaurant style coconut peda are delicious dessert made on pooja / festival.

Coconut Peda Recipe, How to make coconut fudge| Dessert Recipes

Find full proof Mathura peda recipe with easy step by step instructions. Mathura mawa Peda recipe is the delicacy of Mathura, India.

8 easy and creative ways to serve Samosas and wow your friends and family. It's time to ditch the traditional triangular puffs | www.thebellyrulesthemind.net

Samosa Served 8 Ways

Looking for ideas on how to wrap or serve a Samosa. Ditch the traditional Samosa and get creative. 8 ways to serve Samosa & wow your friends and family.

chicken 65!!

chicken 65!!