Made by Swiftek Engineering

Various products designed/manufactured by Swiftek Engineering
8 Pins
there is a black and white photo of an engine cover
SBC-LSX Billet Valve Cover
an image of a chrome engine cover on a black table with the top part missing
4V Ford Mustang/GT500 Billet Valve Covers
two black and white license plates sitting on top of a wooden table
LS3 Gen4 Tall Billet Valve Covers, with One Piece Billet Coil Covers, Anodised and custom engraved
the front and rear fenders of an engine cover for a sports car, both black with white lettering
Custom Anodised & Engraved Billet Valve Covers
two chromed metal nameplates on a wooden table with the word chevrolet engraved in it
Small Block Chevrolet Billet Valve Covers with old school Chev raised logo
a close up of a green bike frame with some tools on the front and side
Pedal Boxes & Foot platforms designed and manufactured by Swiftek Engineering to suit OTK chassis (Tony/Kosmik/FA/Exprit/Redspeed)
two black and white license plates with the words granatelli motor sports on them
Billet LS2 Coil Cover - made for our US distributors Granatelli Motorsports
two shiny metal containers sitting on top of a black table next to each other with wine glasses in them
Billet 481x Valve Covers