SEOC loves Sydney

Our home town! Sydney is a city filled with wonderful landmarks and friendly people.
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the sydney opera house is lit up at sunset with red and blue clouds in the background
Opera Sunrise
Sydney, Australia
an amusement park with a giant face in the middle
Mirrored Amusement
Sydney, Australia | Luna Park
the road is lined with trees and purple flowers
Sydney, Australia | Jacaranda Trees
boats are docked in the water near a bridge
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Sydney, Australia | Sydney Harbour
the sydney opera house is lit up with colorful lights and waves on it's sails
Vivid Sydney 2011 Opera House
Sydney, Australia | Vivid Sydney 2011 | Opera House
the sydney opera house lit up at night with bright lights on it's sides
Sydney, Australia | Vivid Sydney 2012 | Opera House
the sun is setting over the water and some boats are out on the water in front of it
Amazing Places
Sydney, Australia | Opera House
palm trees are in the foreground and a bridge is in the background
Sydney, Australia | Harbour Bridge