21 Healthier Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Want To Eat

21 Healthier Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Want To Eat

No bake chocolate weetbix slice, easy kid friendly recipe made with weetabix, or wheat biscuit breakfast cereal

No-bake Chocolate Weetbix Slice

No bake chocolate Weetbix slice, easy kid friendly recipe made with Weetabix, or wheat biscuit breakfast cereal. *Vegan - replace honey for a vegan liquid sweetener.

Homemade Nutri-Grain-Style Cereal Bars (with a gluten-free option!)

Homemade Nutri-Grain-Style Cereal Bars (with a gluten-free option

Portable Pancake Pockets

For breakfast on the go, we love these portable pancakes

Pick-n-mix couscous fingers

Pick ‘n’ mix couscous fingers I found myself dreaming up new and interesting hearty finger food ideas. If you aren’t keen on the fingers but like the idea, skip the baking step and add …

Ham and cheese potato cakes - Real Recipes from Mums

My whole family loves mashed potato pancakes and this potato pancake recipe is packed with ham and cheese, making it a filling side dish for any meal or appetizer!


Pick ‘n’ Mix Vegetable Shreddies 1 egg 2 tbs flour 2 tbs coconut oil (for frying) 2 cups of grated vegetables

Struggling to get the kids to eat all their dinner ... or try some at all? These handy, kid-approved recipes will become your saviour in the kitchen.

30 kid-friendly dinners that won’t end up splattered on the floor (or fed to the dog)

Healthy vegetable slice - Real Recipes from Mums

Healthy Vegetable Slice - Chock full of veggies and superfoods this veggie slice not only tastes great (hot or cold!) it is a perfect way to get your daily vegetable serve into the kids (without them knowing it!

Recipes | Corn Sweet Potato Pikelets | Louise Fulton Keats

Although these pikelets feel like a breakfast treat, they also count towards one of your daily serve of vegetables. You might like to serve them with a poached egg or some avocado.

Do you ever get stuck for ideas when you need healthy snacks to take out and about for your baby or toddler? So many pre-packaged snacks are loaded with additives, preservatives, salt and sugar so it can be hard to find a healthy alternative that still tastes delicious. When we get stuck for inspiration, there’s …

Inspiration: 35 Portable Healthy Snacks For Kids - One Handed Cooks - LOL - I used to be a one handed cook when my boys were little. A babe in arms when cooking for years. Maybe that's why some of my boys are fabulous cooks.

I am always on the hunt for a sweet little snack for Harry that is good for him. I have come up with these little carrot and fruit cookies and he loves them, particularly when we are out and about in the pram and he needs something to snack on. They freeze really well so …

CARROT COOKIES: Do you have a few carrots hiding out in the fridge? Combine them with some pantry staples to make a batch of these carrot cookies. They will fast become a favourite with your family // one handed cooks // cooking for kids