Koala baby

Baby Koala -Not technically a bear. A curious arboreal marsupial.

A giant granite flared slope. Wave Rock, Western Australia.

This is the Wave Rock (Rock Ola) in Australia. Believed to be one of the oldest rocks on Earth, with million years. Its distinctive shape is caused by erosion of 60 million years. Photo: Getty Images rocks-minerals-gems-and-geology

aboriginal inspired tic-tac-toe

previous pinner wrote: "Teach kids aboriginal art symbols, and have kids paint aboriginal art symbols on a set of stones to use to play tic tac toe (also called "ngaka ngaka", which means "look look").


In the animal kingdom, platypuses are seen as a weird mash-up of a duck and a beaver, but they are very underrated on the cuteness scale!

An Australian aborigine performs with a didgeridoo.

Hey, what's that sound: Didgeridoo

Lessons from First Grade: Aboriginal Art by Official Home Art Studio.

This is "Lessons from First Grade: Aboriginal Art" by Official Home Art Studio on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


Now, despite what you may have heard Tony Abbott say, Australia was very much inhabited when the British arrived in A true rainbow nation of 700 languages.