shan tung chicken

shan tung chicken


Umi Sushi, Darling Quarter [[MORE]] Productive days = late and earned pricey lunches.

high tea at the tea room

The Tea Room, Town Hall [[MORE]] Sandwiches: There were four varieties - half a ‘square’ of each (chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad and ham). The bread was super spongy and soft, the fillings were.

salmon rice bowl with soft-boiled egg, mixed leaf salad with wafu dressing and a seaweed salad

Oiden, Town Hall - [[MORE]]Salmon bowl (without furikake), Extra egg, Salad with Japanese dressing, Seaweed salad

ben & jerry's thousands and thousands cone

Ben & Jerry's, Chatswood [[MORE]] Berry sorbet, Thousands ‘nd thousands cone with cookies and creme ice cream