~~ Wall of succulents ~~ The VARIETY of different types of flowers and COLORs creates a pleasing visual, HARMONY.

Make your own living succulent art

Wall of Succulents: Instead of framing a picture, why not a whole garden? Here, cuttings of assorted succulents knit together to create colorful, textural living tapestries.

T H E T R O P I C S #paradise #bali

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That's a privacy wall! Cool DIY Green Living Wall Projects For Your Home #GreenLiving

Cool DIY Green Living Wall Projects For Your Home

Amazing Living Wall of succulent plants - heres a full tutorial to help you create your own little green oasis of calm nature Zen, in just the very little space it takes for a section of privacy fence.

loungin' (from apartment34.com)

Simple and clean lines contrast with bold green foliage to create a lush tropical oasis. The main focus of the space is the glass edged pool flanked by tall leafy plants, creating privacy and a sense of enclosure.

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