Mount Kailash

13 Mount Kailash South Face And Atma Linga On Mount Kailash Inner Kora Nandi Parikrama.

Betab Valley Pahalgam  Tour Details:

Betab Valley Pahalgam Tour Details:

Mount Kailash

Dr Ernst Muldashev, a Russian ophthalmologist based in Ufa, came up with a theory that Mount Kailash in Tibet is actually an ancient manmade pyramid that is surrounded by smaller pyramids and is linked to pyramids in Giza and Teotihuacan.

Mount Kailash

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Sonmarg  Tour Details:

Sonmarg Tour Details:

Srinagar   Tour Details

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Mesmerizing Dal lake

A Photo Journey to the gems of Kashmir by Ujjwal Saxena - Dal Lake, Pari Mahal, Gulmarg , Sonamarg, Pahalgam & Srinagar

Mesmerizing Dal lake

Indulgent houseboats, historic gardens, distinctive Kashmiri wooden mosques and a mild summer climate combine to make Srinagar one of India’s top.