Forest Bouquet. Green. White. Dark. White Anenomes. Mushrooms. Ferns. Oregon…

the ultimate dream bouquet with a mushroom in it! Love all the native elements (oregon grape, sword fern), love the different textures and how the greenery all really makes the white flowers pop

blushing bride protea

Seasonal Flower Guide: Summer

Imagine the smell of this Eucalyptus gumleaf table runner on Christmas day…

9 Trending Table Runners for Weddings

Blushing Bride Protea

Aptly named, the blushing bride protea is ideal for the bride who likes flowers that are classics with a modern twist

I love a golden wattle, symbol of our land. You can put it in a bottle, or hold…


Golden Wattle - Australia's national colors - green & gold come from this. Not too good for those with hay fever, the yellow is like little pompoms coated with pollen.

Eriostemon, pink wax - Available Sept. Blossom-style flower, so pretty for…

Eriostemon, pink wax - Available Sept. Blossom-style flower in pale pink to white, so pretty for spring weddings