New Gospel Movie | Is the Bible the Lord or God the Lord? "Who Is My Lord"

The website of the Church of Almighty God is a gospel website that presents Almighty God and the Church of Almighty God. It bears witness to the fact that Almighty God is the Lord Jesus and He has already returned.

"God Bless" | Miracle in Disaster (Gospel Short Film)

People often say that "Storms gather without warning and misfortune befalls men overnight.

Faith-Hope-Love | Xiaozhen's Story | Musical Drama

Xiaozhen was a simple, kind-hearted Christian. She treated all her friends with a sincere heart. However, faced with interests, her good old friends turned into…

Warnings of the Last Days From God | "The Days of Noah Have Come"

This is a true story. Because of refusing to accept Almighty God’s end-time gospel again and again, Qingping Township of Sichuan Province suffered the overwh.

Change Your Life | Gospel Movie "Come Out of the Bible"

She is a preacher of a house church in China. She preached and shepherded the church whole-heartedly for the Lord. However, confronted with the gradual desol.

New Heaven and New Earth | Stage Play Drama "Chinese Gospel Choir 13th P...

The performance by the Church of Almighty God is a musical, a chorus of praise which fuses together Beijing opera, rock and roll, traditional work songs.

Love God | Gospel Movie "Honor and Dishonor"

Jiang Ming is a preacher of the Church of Almighty God. In her thirteen years of preaching the gospel, she suffered exclusion and revilement from the religio.

Cheng Huize is a co-worker at a house church in China. She has believed in the Lord for many years, and has worked for the Lord with unwavering enthusiasm.

Discover the Mysteries of The Bible | Gospel Movie "Break the Spell"

Watch the kingdom gospel film trailers, and be wise virgins to welcome the Savior’s return!

"Chronicles of Religious Persecution in China" | Chinese Christians' Gri...

Chronicles of Religious Persecution in China (Trailer) - The Church of A.

Second Coming of Jesus | Gospel Movie "Ironclad Proofs—Disclose the Myst...

She believed in the Lord from childhood. At she entered a theological school. In her she became one of the leaders of a house church in Shanxi Prov.

The Wise Virgins Welcome the Lord | Gospel Movie "Waiting"

Gospel Movie "Waiting"—Be a Wise Virgin and Learn to Distinguish the Tru.

Gospel Movie clip "Song of Victory" (1) - The Lord Returns: His Appearan...

Gospel Movie clip "Song of Victory" - The Lord Returns: His Appearan.

It is recorded clearly in the Bible that the Lord Jesus is Christ, that He is the Son of God. Yet the Eastern Lightning testifies that the incarnate Christ i.

Musical Drama "Xiaozhen's Story" (2) - Fight for Gold | Eastern Lightning

When Xiaozhen found a large piece of gold, she called her friends over to share it. What she didn't realize was that the moment people see gold, the good and.