The New City Hall | Xuhong Zheng | MArch Architecture student, Barlett, UCL

The New City Hall Under the current system of the London government, the Mayor’s office has become the epicentre of control. Despite the London Assembly’s rol.

House in Lisbon by ARX Portugal  969years

This townhouse in Lisbon by architects ARX Portugal has a raw concrete interior behind its white limestone facade, as well as a glazed rear elevation.

Church of Resurrection by Florian Mueller, via Behance

Facade details of the churches Mary’s Cathedral (Neviges) and Church of Resurrection (Cologne). Architect: Gottfried Böhm Available in different sizes in limited editions.

subtilitas: “ Valerio Olgiati - School, Paspels The interior wall are slightly angled, eliminating all right angles. The shift is so subtle (always within 5 degrees of being perpendicular) that.

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