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To Be better, think better and do better. All in regards to truth and kindness, in my book. Be a better person. Be a better person

Seriously, I'm my own best company. I don't have many friends because I can tell who's loyal and who isn't. If you lie to me or ignore me, you can go f*ck yourself, I don't mind being alone.

So if you decide to suddenly ignore me *cough* you can consider yourself no longer a proper friend. I don't trust easily the first time round.


Dump day, July a lot of us "former" Democrats are going to strike a match and Bern the bridge that kept us connected to a party, the democratic party that is anything but democratic; that ignored us, disenfranchised us and sold us out.


Focus on your own life, goals, family, happiness.let the asshole crumble having none of that !

Dont lie to me

I love this quote. I've felt this way for so long. People don't tell me things to protect me, but I always find out. And it hurts more when I find it they lied.


Love to me isn't a fucking Game , either your in or your out . I will never Ever Play Games with someone's heart . Just sayin'! Thoughts of the Day JMG

I laughed when I read this. Omg!!!

I'm sorry, I know this is not very appropriate but I thought it was so damn funny!