want to raise a writer? give them their own writing station- this post has tons of ideas.

I love this writing center. Duplicate traditional school this center appeals to me--or maybe it's appealing to the teacher in me! It just makes me want to sit down and write, and I think it would do the same for my future kids!

I will learn to write but first I need to: ≈≈

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Writers Workshop Area (Early Life Foundations - Kathy Walker)

Writers Workshop Area: inspiring learners to Write and Research with topical Books (Via Early Life Foundations)

encourage writing - blank books display - I'm doing this with my wicker silverware caddy The Boy found last week at a yard sale!

Put together a book-making station for the kids. keep a supply of these simple little handmade books accessible and at the ready for when the kids' book-writing inspiration strikes. The construction is basic - heavy card stock folded in half, with

preschool writing area - Google Search

This is a cute way to organize writing materials. The pictures could be printed on sticker paper and applied to the container.