Its good to be Australian

This board has nothing to do with my business but everything to do with my faves. Except for Port Power which, is as everyone knows is my extra fave with a…
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an unmade bed with the text next time you're in a hotel leave your sheets like this when you check out
From rotten ecards. Gonna try it
a woman laying on a surfboard in the ocean
two people are sitting on surfboards in the water as the sun sets behind them
Autumn - Aquabumps
PHOTOGRAPHY // early morning delight - dawn #surfing at #bondi by @aquabumps!!
a person sitting on a surfboard in the ocean watching the sun rise over the horizon
Surfing. I just wanna go back. NOW
three people are sitting on top of an old vw van with surfboards attached to the roof
niño la luna☾
a woman holding a surfboard while standing on the beach
One day I'm going back to lacanau océan and surf again I miss it so much Some practice again and I'm good to go
perhaps the x back would take the stress off my shoulders Fashion, Bikinis, Cool Tattoos For Girls, Bikini Tattoo, Surf Outfit
Lots of layers
perhaps the x back would take the stress off my shoulders
four women in bathing suits are holding surfboards on the beach and posing for a photo
gulf shores roadtrip.....we will have to go back to do this picture one day! LOL
a person standing in the water with their back to the camera, looking up at the sun
The powerful calming feeling brushes over you when you duck dive under the oncoming wave, it caresses you, and you re-surface and dig your hand through the water and look out to the horizon and you can finally breathe, and with each wave that brushes over your head, the power fades and leaves a calm floating feeling lingering around you, i'm floating.
words to live by {ralph waldo emerson}
words to live by {ralph waldo emerson}
a sign that reads memories made at the beach last a life time with shells and starfish
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Memories Made At The Beach Beach Decor by CarovaBeachCrafts, Hand Painted Wood Sign FB - Carova Beach Crafts
a woman in an orange shirt carrying a white surfboard and wearing a knitted hat
First Love
Surfer Nikki Van Dijk from First Love. Photo by @Clare Plueckhahn
a woman is swimming in the ocean with her legs spread out
Surftagram: Photo
Alana Blanchard
the words blisstagom are written in white on a blue sky background over a sandy beach
GoDaddy Studio
#ocenangrove #heaven #geelong #madewithOver