Life in Australia: Sydney - YouTube

From the Film australia Collection. Made by the Commonwealth Film Unit Directed by Joe Scully. A picture of life in the New South Wales capital of Sydn.

School: then and now talking with Ruby

Students in Gaylord compare 93 year old Ruby's one room schoolhouse experience to their own at a modern day school.

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My Place (for teachers) - website based on the book and TV series covering Australian history. Great sites with heaps of links, lesson suggestions and other ideas for using in the classroom. Links with Australian History, family and community.

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Cool old photo being coloured… 11 year old coal mine worker, 1908

Filmed in & around Sydney 1975 by Ross Myers (Also includes scenes from Easts/St.George footy game 17.8.1980)

Filmed in & around Sydney 1975 by Ross Myers (Also includes scenes from Easts/St.

Learn about Thailand Buddhist monks- Kid World Citizen

Learn about Thailand in the Kitchen and Try Pad See Ew

Learn about Thailand: geography, the people, the cuisine. and then get the kids in the kitchen to make healthy and delicious pad see ew!

What's Australia Day all about? - History (3)

How do the rich and varied languages spoken by Aboriginal People and Torres Straight Islanders change throughout Australia?