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things that i like for no real reason. some of which may be excessive, and completely out of character, superficial and self indulgent. :-)
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Josephine Wall: Tree of Four Seasons

Josephine Wall - Tree of Four Seasons Revisited. Each of the four seasons is depicted in this special tree.

Dolomitenblick House in Sesto, Italy / by Plasma Studio (photo by Hertha Hurnaus)

An Angular Copper-Clad Apartment Building in Italy

Perched in the Dolomite mountains, an angular copper-clad apartment building echoes the topography of its site.Photo by: Hertha HurnausRead the entire article here. Photo by: Hertha Hurnaus

Joie De Vivre - Josephine Wall

Joie de Vivre is 1000 piece fantasy jigsaw puzzle of Josephine Wall's work. It features a butterflies and a beautiful fairy. It is made in Turkey by Anatolian.


A dryad is a tree nymph or hylas , that is a female spirit of a tree, in Greek mythology.

And *this* is why I don't wear heels very often!

Funny pictures about X-Ray of foot in high heeled shoe. Oh, and cool pics about X-Ray of foot in high heeled shoe. Also, X-Ray of foot in high heeled shoe photos.