Brisbane Australia

In its fully illuminated glory, the full moon is the central phase of the lunar cycle, so you'll see it about 14 days after the new moon

Garden Boardwalk along the river in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

South Bank in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - Holy cow, I sure do miss South Bank. it was my favorite part of living in Brizzie

Brisbane night markets

Brisbane night markets - there was an amazing Asian market when I was there selling Asian street food

Botanic Gardens of Brisbane. What an exotic place. I can't wait to see some of the wildlife Australia is home to.

Things to See & Do in Brisbane

"Glass house in botanical garden, Brisbane, Australia"; nearby café/restaurant for COffee & CAke; Observatory next to it.

Brisbane - Church

Brisbane - Church Albert Street Methodist Church - I got married here in 1968 - the marriage didn't last but the church is still beautiful!