Paper Collective’s Pine Cone poster was designed by Form Us With Love and it supports WWF (World Wildlife Fund). The poster, drawn with a ballpoint pen, depicts the world’s largest pine cone.

Snow Gum Tree Bark...what a contrast in a Aussi garden! Miss the smell of them...not the mess and sweeping the leaves off the patio ;)

Snow Gum Tree Bark - natural tree which creates iridescent colours when under-layers are exposed.

Silver Dollar Gum Tree.

Eucalyptus cinerea Silver Dollar Gum Tree - wedding must-have. Just go plant one in your backyard now, I don't care if your 12 years old, this foliage will stay current!

Click here for information on the Australian Wild Gum Blossom. Buy a Handmade greeting card with this photo for just $4.50 delivered.

This unique plant can support biodiversity as it can mix well with other plants and supports pollinators

Spotted Gum Tree Bark

The World's Most Beautiful Bark (Or: Trees Worth A Closer Look)

Cedric Pollet / Spotted gum trees grow on the east coast of Australia. The orange-colored bark peels off at the beginning of summer, leaving behind colorful splotches of green, white and yellow.