Homemade Valentine Trail Mix with PRINTABLE Tags for Kids

Homemade Trail Mix Valentine Snack

Not doing the printable tags (I'm not THAT mom!) Making this for snack day Friday! Valentine Trail Mix with PRINTABLE TAGS for school Valentine parties! A Nut Free Valentine Snack that is safe for the classroom.

Fruity Rice Krispies Kebabs

Fruity Rice Krispies Kabobs

Fruit and Rice Krispies Kabobs. Cute idea for getting kids to eat their fruit while having a sweet treat. Love the idea of using blueberries as a spacer on the kabob.THIS IS THE ONE I AM GOING TO USE

Fall Trail Mix and Printable  Idea could be used for any occasion,  Nice thank you gift, party favor, etc.

This is is such a great idea! Another Pinner Wrote: "DIY: Fall Trail Mix {with FREE printable} such good idea for fall gift or party favor"

fill balloons with treats and throw darts!!!!     halloween easy crafts kids games party     could also make a heart or apple or....for birthday party!!!! halloween-autumn-fall-holidays-herfst-najaar foodstuff-i-love amazing-food

Heimer, are you still looking for fall games? Pop the Pumpkin Game. Fill balloons with candy and let the kids pop with straight pins or throw darts.

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Kit Kat Cake Take a break! Have a kit kat cake. the Kit Kat Cake is a chocolate cake surrounded by fence of Kit Kat and topped with cadbury's gems. An absolute delicacy for chocolate lovers.

Fun food for kids http://media-cache0.pinterest.com/upload/116389971589359402_qfiXkw7F_f.jpg michelle_alley favorite recipes

Transform an old boring sandwiches in a fun kabob! Skewering your sandwich ingredients is fast, fun, and for kids who normally don't eat tomatoes on their sandwiches, they just might when it's on a stick!