What Does It Mean To Be Human In the Digital Age?

Humans have progressed through science and learning in the new digital age upon us. New inventions and new findings have lead to huge leaps for humans and our abilities in this new age, this board is exploring the humans who have integrated learning and science with the new technologies and digital world that has helped advance human kind, along with the different ways our world is advancing and shifting to a technology dominated society both in positive and negative ways
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15 Ways Digital Learning Can Lead To Deeper Learning: By embracing the digital world and teaching children in school different things in new digital ways, we can integrate and give hands on learning as a gateway to new careers

How digital learning contributed to deeper learning . by creating deeper learning opportunities for every student in every classroom in blended learning or online learning environments.

When I go to a restaurant, I now check online reviews before I go to that restaurant. Technology is now coming into those restaurants, with paying electronically and even using iPads to order instead of having a server come to you for your order. Technology is driving humans to be less social in a way, but this is a much more efficient way to order, pay, and everything becomes quicker.

Most Restaurant-Goers Rely on Online Reviews [INFOGRAPHIC]

Now parenting is integrated to the digital world, where children and young people are now using digital media such as tablets, cellphones, and other forms of electronics at home, school and everywhere else. As a parent, teaching safe practices for media is important

79% of Parents Talk to Their Kids About Online Safety

This TED talk is about how a man and his team learned of an extremely fast and effective way, within an hour sometimes. At 6:50 he beings explaining how he uses technology to compare existing cancer MicroRNA molecules to yours in a picture.

Along with a crew of technologists and scientists, Jorge Soto is developing a simple, noninvasive, open-source test that looks for early signs of multiple forms of cancer.

A wearable device, which texts a caregiver when the wearer is suffering a seizure is being developed, this uses technology and health on new levels. A mother who's daughter has suffered 15,000 seizures in her life cannot sleep alone at night incase she suffers one, if she can wear a device that would alert her mother to be there for her, there is less worry. We are developing new technologies to help improve life and add freedom to those with disorders, seizures, and other ailments.

A Wearable Device That Texts Caregivers When A Loved One Has A Seizure

Wearable Epileptic Devices - RTI International Seizure Detector Texts Guardian When Episode Occurs

In this TED talk, the idea of our life "living" on after we die, with different services to post a status after we pass on. An interesting proposition raised is what if we use hologram technology and the use of analyzing technology to one day create holograms to interact with family members after death (using old Facebook posts, blog posts etc)

Check out this amazing TED Talk: Adam Ostrow: After your final status update

An article possibly criticizing the amount we rely on social media communication, texts and emails to communicate with one another suggesting that productivity is higher when we have face to face interaction versus hiding behind technology: productivity is the name of the game and end goal for many companies, but social interaction among coworkers is key. We are humans who spend more time behind a screen

Can A Digital Connection Replace A Physical One?

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