Tauranga, New Zealand

Mount Maunganui (an extinct volcano) in the north island city of Tauranga (settled by the Maori in the late 13 century) in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Was independent from Tauranga until the completion of the Tauranga Harbour Bridge in

New Zealand!

Map: New Zealand, Aotearoa. (The Land of the Long White Cloud.) North Island, Te Ika a Maui (The Fish of Maui). South Island, Te Waka a Maui (The Canoe of Maui) or Te Wai Pounamu (The place of the Greenstone).

Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, North Island, New Zealand - Aahh, the San Fran of the South Pacific.

Aukland, New Zealand

Auckland New Zealand. Should you be heading to attraction-filled Auckland New Zealand, it helps to go armed with a little information on the city.

Wellington, New Zealand

Officially the coolest little capital in the world, and possibly the southernmost place a Beauty Valued palette has travelled to (New Zealand)?

dockslands melbourne, au

‘The Webb Bridge in Melbourne by Denton, Corker Marshall (DCM) pedestrian/cycle bridge over the Yarra River as part of a public art project in Melbourne’s Docklands area. In collaboration


The Outback Challenge I route - The Challenge: To provide the Unicorn with a unique test of resilience in extreme temperatures.