healthy eating ideas and physical activity warm up games that can help make physical activity and healthy eating fun and enjoyable for children :)
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Healthy Dinner Recipes For Kids: Quick & Easy Meals For Healthy Children, Parenting Has Never Been More Easy. (Healthy Recipes For Kids Book by Ashlee Meadows

Top Superfoods to Feed Your Kid (and You!) - Packed with high grade nutrients, healthy fats and loads of antioxidants, superfoods help to ward off diseases and prolong life. If they are so beneficial to our own health, shouldn't we be sharing these profits with our children, too?

Up the nutritional value by adding these superfoods to your kid's diet. Checkout why superfoods should be implemented in your next meal.

Zucchini Hot Tots -

Zucchini Festival Day Zucchini Hot Tots are an awesome appetizer or a yummy treat replace flour with crushed pork rinds

#Children's breakfast #pancake sun ....Push and chose ...Children's breakfasts should be balanced and useful, they must be rich in carbohydrates, so your child gets a tasty and healthy food for all morning. The easiest source of carbohydrates needed for t

Wake up, sunshine! Surround a pancake with cup fresh sliced fruit (such as strawberries, pineapple or sliced apple). Then add a blueberry face and a frosty glass of milk for a complete (and delicious) CACFP breakfast.

Annabel Karmel shows how to make a child love vegetables #dailymail

Skeleton vegetable dip Halloween recipe - display this vegetable skeleton on any party table and watch it disappear!

FroYo Bites.  These are creamy, full of fruit and a snack kids love!

These are creamy, full of fruit and a snack kids love! We blended plain Greek yogurt, with strawberries, and then also blueberries. We poured the mixture into ice cube trays, froze for a couple of hours and then had FroYo bites!

Create healthy snacks with your children! The cookbook features 30 tasty and easy-to-prepare snacks that feature fruits and vegetables that kids will love to make and eat.

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